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Moisturising Cuticle Oil


Available in a 5ml or 10ml bottle with a brush, in 8 different scents, something to suit everyone. A little goes a long way 1 or 2 dips of oil will cover all 10 cuticles easily.

Its very important to moisturise your cuticles to prevent them from cracking & spliting.

My own recipe, handmade by me at home in a clean sanitised environment, using all locally sourced ingredients.

This cuticle oil has been tested by myself, friends & family.


Jojoba oil
Vitamin E oil
Avacado oil
Grape Seed oil
Apricot Kernel oil
and either of the following fragrance oils:

* Apple Cinnamon
* Pumpkin Spice
* Frangipani
* Citrus Delight
* Baby Powder
* Vanilla Musk
* Chamomile
* Lotus Blossom

These ingredients have moisturising, hydrating, antiseptic and antioxidant properties, which help skin retain natural moisture.

I recommend:

Apply 1-2 times daily for best results
Patch test before use
Discard 6 months after opening

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