Nail Care Advice

To get the most out of your polish, I would recommend:

Priming Nails
• Remove oils off the nail bed before applying base coat
• Wipe nail clean with cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover

Applying a Base Coat
• It will extend the life of your manicure
• It gives polish an even surface to adhere to
• It will help prevent dark colours of polish from staining your nails
• I would recommend my Elite Base Coat

Applying 2 coats of polish
• Ensures full even coverage of colour

Applying a Top Coat
• Acts as protective barrier to you polish
• Prevents chipping, fading and gives long lasting shine
• I would recommend my Elite Top Coat

Cuticle Care
• Moisturise your cuticles at least once daily (ideally at night before bed) using balm or oil
• I recommend using my homemade Moisturising Cuticle Oil